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The digital age gap is shrinking, as revealed by a recent forsa poll commissioned by CosmosDirekt. More and more “Silversurfers” are on the Internet – but what do they use it for? More than half of these regulate banking and financial transactions online.

Younger people are still online more often than older people. But the seniors have caught up significantly: At the beginning of 2014, 71 percent of the 60- to 65-year-old Germans used the Internet, compared to just 30 percent in 2002. Of the 18 to 29 year olds today, 98 percent are online – twelve years ago, 86 percent were active on the Web in this age group. This was the result of a recent forsa study commissioned by CosmosDirekt. 1

Why internet? In particular, financial services important for older users
When the browser opens, young and old are the first to read and write e-mails. Above all the older Onliner use the InterNet to above average extent (92 per cent) mainly for E-Mails, as a survey to the usage behavior resulted. 2 E-mail programs are also among the most important online services for nearly two-thirds of the younger generation. Second place is followed by websites for older and younger users to find out about. In addition, the “Silversurfers” have also developed their own preferences – for example, for banking and financial services, which control almost two-thirds of the elderly mainly. This is significantly more than the younger ones, who only bring it to 37 percent. The range of financial services on the Internet has become increasingly diverse in recent years: Customers can not only do their banking matters from home – insurance can also be individually compiled on the Internet, self-terminate and manage.


Source: CosmosDirekt

Professionals in particular benefit from the services of online insurers: they often only have time on weekends or public holidays to sign up for new insurance or to clean up their policy files. Many of the respondents who have already taken out online insurance are satisfied with the result: for a total of 75 percent, a degree on the Internet is again in question, as the study shows.

E-commerce and social networks remain the territories of the younger generation
In the case of Facebook, Twitter and Co., however, younger users are gaining the upper hand: more than half of them use the internet mainly to socialize with friends. Only a fifth of the older online users are active there. A similar picture emerges when it comes to e-commerce: half of the younger users are mainly online to buy and sell things, but only a third of the older ones.

  • Press release Study German Online Behavior 83 KB

  • Infographic: Sun surfs Germany 131 KB

  • 1 forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt out of 5,590 citizens between the ages of 18 and 29 and 3,331 citizens between the ages of 60 and 65 (2014). In 2002, the survey had already been conducted in the same age groups (sample size: 19,534 and 13,859, respectively).

  • 2 forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt among 1,009 Internet users (2013).

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