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Debt isn’t always a bad thing, and there are smart ways to use debt to your advantage. If you accumulate too much of it, however, debt can become overwhelming. Paying off debt can seem almost impossible if you don’t know how to manage your finances. Not to mention you most likely have other expenses to worry about, whether it be saving for a house, paying regular monthly bills, or just dealing with day-to-day expenses. All these financial responsibilities, plus your increasing debt, can leave you with a mountain of bills, scrambling for solutions.

Lowering your monthly credit card payments or working to cut down your spending habits can help you manage your debt. But we found an easy and instantaneous way to get your debt under control: credit consolidation programs. We compiled a list of these apps, Android and iOS, that can help you organize and manage all of your debts in one place. No more fighting to conquer your mountain of debts; now you can input all debt data into your phone and manage them there. Let your fingers do the climbing.

Below is a separate graph for Android and iOS as well as a detailed description of each application.

App Best Used For Price Platform
Debt Book Borrow/lender communication, debt tracking and updates, charts, payments Free Android
Debt Manager and Tracker Debt tracking and updates, charts, payments Free – $0.99 Android
Debt Tracker Debt visualizing and debt tracking for payments, penalties, interest rates, and savings Free Android
My Debts Finance synchronizing, debt and revenue tracking, calendar payment reminders Free Android


ReadyForZero: Pay Off Debt


Credit score tracking, personalized debt plan, graph progress, debt recommendations Free Android

Debt Book – Android

Debt Book is an app for borrowers as well as lenders. It allows you to track and update your debt in a “Master Book,” which shows your borrow/lend amount, how much has been paid/collected, and how much remains. The app also gives you options to view this data in a statistical chart for a more visual representation of your current debt situation.

The convenient benefit to Debt Book is that if the borrower and lender are both on the app, they can communicate and send payments through the app. This makes it easier to stay in contact with one another and to stay on top of existing debt.

Debt Manager and Tracker – Android

Debt Manager and Tracker is similar to Debt Book in that it shows either what you owe or what is owed to you. There are visual features that include graphs of your current debt settlement, as well as tracking abilities to monitor all of your payments and get updates on your current debt balance. You can also upgrade to the Pro version for $0.99. The upgraded version includes no ads, messaging capabilities, and PIN/fingerprint security.

My Debts – Android

My Debts is an application that focuses on debt organization as well as overall finance management. The app includes a visual representation of revenue and expenses. The side by side comparison helps you see your money situation at all times.

You can also set alerts on the app to remind you of pressing debts and deadlines so you never have to worry about missing a payment. You can even set up recurring debts, such as paying rent, so a calendar event will reappear every month and will disappear after you pay it. This is an efficient way to keep track of all of your bills, not just your outstanding debts. Overall, My Debts enables you to synchronize all of your finances, debts, and bills in one place.

ReadyForZero: Pay Off Debt – Android

ReadyForZero’s purpose is to enable users to track their debts. An additional feature also allows you to keep track of your credit score. The app shows you graphs of your debt progress, and it helps you focus on your “target account,” which is the most urgent debt you need to pay off. You can create a personalized pay down plan to get your debt organized and under control, and you will even get personalized recommendations and alerts based on your debt situation.

There are upcoming payment alerts as well to make sure a debt never goes unnoticed. ReadyForZero also ensures bank-level encryption technology to ensure your information is safe because you have the option to link the app with your bank account and other applications.

Debt Tracker – Android

Debt Tracker focuses on tracking your debts and debts owed to you. The landing page of the app has a visual representation of each current debt and how much you have paid off in relation to the total. Or, if you are a lender, it shows how much the borrower has paid by showing a percentage of the total amount paid. For example, if 25 percent of the debt has been paid, ¼ of the circle would be colored in. It also includes a fraction comprised of how much you have paid and the total amount of the debt. For example, if you have paid $125 out of $1,000, it would read $125/$1,000. Both features represent the same data, but users can visualize the debts in different ways.

Debt Tracker also includes places to track all of your payments, penalties, and interest rates, and there is an additional section to track your savings. This is especially convenient if you like to keep track of vacation money, a car fund, or other miscellaneous things. To ensure your information is never lost, you can sync the information in the app to Dropbox so all of your data is backed up on the cloud.

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App Best Used For Price Platform
Debts Break – Debt Payoff Plan and Snowball Method Snowball Method, payoff date tracking and interest rate tracking, payments log, pie chart visualization Free iOS
Debt Free Calculator Snowball Method, debt analysis, debt schedule, graph visualization Free iOS
Debt Free – Pay Off Your Debt Snowball Method, debt summary, payoff strategy, debt visualization $0.99 iOS
Debt Manager Snowball Method, debt summary and tracking, the progress bar $0.99 iOS
Debts Monitor



Debt status updates, tracking/sending payments, debt-free date, interest paid, total amount saved Free iOS

Debts Break – Debt Payoff Plan and Snowball Method – iOS

Debts Break specifically uses the Snowball Method to help you pay off your debt. The Snowball Method is a debt strategy championed by Dave Ramsey, a financial expert, to manage multiple debts. Its purpose is to create a debt reduction strategy that isn’t completely overwhelming. The idea is that you pay off debts in order from smallest to largest. After the smallest debt is paid off, the previous payment amount for that debt is rolled over to the next smallest balance. Eventually, you can combine all of the small amounts you were paying on your debts and put them towards your largest debt. Thus, it is a snowball effect.

Debts Break updates remaining balances automatically, so you don’t have to worry about inputting the data each time you make a payment. The app includes payment logs and marks them paid or unpaid, giving you a visual of where your attention should be. You can also enable alerts to notify you of certain debts. If you don’t want to use the Snowball Method, the app allows you to turn this function off, and you can focus on other features such as pie charts to visualize your debt or a personal plan of your own.

Debt Free Calculator – iOS

Debt Free Calculator shows all your debts, the full amount, the rate amount, the pay off amount, and the pay off date. It also includes a debt schedule, showing you a side-by-side total of your overall debt balance, the total interest, and the total amount repaid to date. This feature includes date, payment, interest, principal, and balance of each debt.

Debt Free Calculator also has a graph of all this information. It focuses on the Snowball Method, but you can choose to opt out and go with your own strategy or none at all.

Debt Free – Pay Off Your Debt – iOS

Debt Free – Pay Off Your Debt gives you a debt summary, including your total debt remaining, your debt free date, your payoff strategy, your interest savings, and your early payoff date. Pie charts help you visualize your progress. The app also features the Snowball Method, but you can choose not to use this method.

A passcode lock ensures your information is secure even if someone has your device, and enabled backup features keep all of the app’s information safe.

Debt Manager – iOS

Debt Manager uses your debt information to create progress bar graphs to help you see how far along you are in paying off each debt, how much debt is remaining, and your interest rate. The application specifically focuses on the Snowball Method to track and pay off all debts quickly and efficiently.

The interactive app gives hints and tips based on your debt situation. You can also track monthly payments within the app manually or automatically. Additionally, it allows you to sync other devices, so you can access it anywhere. Another feature we didn’t see with many of the others is you can test “What If?” scenarios. For example, you could see all of the statistics for your debts if an interest rate were to change or if you were to increase your monthly payments.

Debts Monitor – iOS

Debts Monitor is also focused on the Snowball Method. The app gives an overview of the total debt status, allows you to track payment transactions, and notifies you of upcoming due dates. There are three calculators you can use within the app: Payoff Date, Loan, and Mortgage.

The application breaks down each debt, including the month of each payment, the principal, the interest, and the remaining balance after each payment. It also shows a debt free date and the total amount of interest you will pay for all of your debts. Finally, you can see how much you will save if you pay off your debts early.

Regardless of what approach you prefer to manage your debt, these apps have options for everyone. We suggest taking a look at which app works best for you and personalizing it to fit your needs. Also, don’t forget to get a regular free credit check if you want to see how your debt management is improving your credit. If you want additional help and are worried about your credit, check out other options like credit repair companies to find the best company for you. Lastly, don’t feel confined to managing only your debt through these apps; most of the apps have additional functions that allow you to track regular bills, revenue, and savings.

If you’re concerned about your credit, you can check your three credit reports for free once a year. To track your credit more regularly,’s free Credit Report Card is an easy-to-understand breakdown of your credit report information that uses letter grades—plus you get two free credit scores updated every 14 days.

The UPV / EHU renews the Social Fund for aid to students with difficulties in paying tuition

The Governing Council of the university also approves the offer of own degrees for the 2014-2015 academic year

The Governing Council of the UPV / EHU has approved this Thursday the new call for refundable grants aimed at students with difficulties in paying tuition for the 2013/14 academic year. This Social Fund aims to address these difficulties when they come from economic circumstances that have arisen or that persist over time, once the university studies begin.

According to the Vice Chancellor of Students, Employment and Social Responsibility, Maite Zelaia, until the next day 27 may apply for assistance from the Social Fund people enrolled in the UPV / EHU who are studying undergraduate and graduate degrees, degrees, studies of adaptation of diplomas to degrees, or university master’s degrees with professional attributions or orientations, and that have not received scholarships or grants for the 2013-2014 academic year.

These persons must justify an economic difficulty that has arisen after the beginning of the academic year or that the situation they suffer will last over time, once the studies begin.


In the call for the 2012-2013 academic year, 32 applications were submitted, of which 28 were accepted. During the process, four people gave up on continuing in the call, two of them paid the debt in a single term and two others abandoned their studies. Finally, there were 24 people who took refuge in the fund. Of these, five correspond to the Campus of Álava, 14 to the Campus of Bizkaia and another five to the Campus of Gipuzkoa. The 24 accepted applications have meant a total of 21,829 euros of debt.

To make the payment there are two modalities, such as cash reimbursement and mixed modality, which involves the reimbursement of 60 percent in cash and 40 percent through collaborative activities. Each hour of activity corresponds to 10 euros of debt. Of the people covered by the Social Fund, 13 opted for the payment of the debt in cash and 11 decided to use the mixed modality.

The people included in this fund for the 2012-2013 academic year committed to pay in six months the aid provided by the university. Of the 24 people received, 10 have paid the debt contracted within the agreed deadlines. The rest have one or several pending payments and only five have not made any income.

In the event of non-payment, the university will wait until the exam period to adopt individualized measures. Also, for the next academic year, the UPV / EHU has planned to allocate 100,000 euros to this fund.

On the other hand, the Governing Council has approved the creation of UPV / EHUren Hezkuntzaren Museum-Museum of Education of the UPV / EHU, in order to “recover, safeguard and publicize the historical memory of education in Euskal Herria ” The documentation center, in addition to a space for the conservation and interpretation of the historical-educational heritage, will be a place of study, research and didactic use that will be located in the Campus of Gipuzkoa.

In addition, this body has also approved the new titles that will be offered next year 2014/15. Among them there are master’s degrees (60 to 120 ECTS credits, adapted to the European Higher Education Area) and university specialist degrees (30 and 59 ECTS credits).

The next course will be added to the offer three new graduate degrees, all of them university specialist. Audit and Socio-Labor Consultancy has the objective of qualifying professionals who develop work management of the staff and control over business decisions that affect the work contract.

‘Agroekologia: trantsiziorako gure bideak lantzen’ will be taught in Euskera and is aimed at professionals from different administrative levels working with the first sector, while integrated dental aesthetics, will form in the field of aesthetic dentistry. In total, 35 own postgraduate degrees will be offered (20 specialists and 15 masters).

In addition, next year the UPV / EHU will offer a new graduate degree, such as Private Detective, which will last three courses. The UPV / EHU will continue offering the next course two other expert titles: Intensification in aeronautical technologies and machine tools and manufacturing technologies, linked to engineering degrees. Pre-registration for own titles starts next Monday, June 9, and can be done online.

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The digital age gap is shrinking, as revealed by a recent forsa poll commissioned by CosmosDirekt. More and more “Silversurfers” are on the Internet – but what do they use it for? More than half of these regulate banking and financial transactions online.

Younger people are still online more often than older people. But the seniors have caught up significantly: At the beginning of 2014, 71 percent of the 60- to 65-year-old Germans used the Internet, compared to just 30 percent in 2002. Of the 18 to 29 year olds today, 98 percent are online – twelve years ago, 86 percent were active on the Web in this age group. This was the result of a recent forsa study commissioned by CosmosDirekt. 1

Why internet? In particular, financial services important for older users
When the browser opens, young and old are the first to read and write e-mails. Above all the older Onliner use the InterNet to above average extent (92 per cent) mainly for E-Mails, as a survey to the usage behavior resulted. 2 E-mail programs are also among the most important online services for nearly two-thirds of the younger generation. Second place is followed by websites for older and younger users to find out about. In addition, the “Silversurfers” have also developed their own preferences – for example, for banking and financial services, which control almost two-thirds of the elderly mainly. This is significantly more than the younger ones, who only bring it to 37 percent. The range of financial services on the Internet has become increasingly diverse in recent years: Customers can not only do their banking matters from home – insurance can also be individually compiled on the Internet, self-terminate and manage.


Source: CosmosDirekt

Professionals in particular benefit from the services of online insurers: they often only have time on weekends or public holidays to sign up for new insurance or to clean up their policy files. Many of the respondents who have already taken out online insurance are satisfied with the result: for a total of 75 percent, a degree on the Internet is again in question, as the study shows.

E-commerce and social networks remain the territories of the younger generation
In the case of Facebook, Twitter and Co., however, younger users are gaining the upper hand: more than half of them use the internet mainly to socialize with friends. Only a fifth of the older online users are active there. A similar picture emerges when it comes to e-commerce: half of the younger users are mainly online to buy and sell things, but only a third of the older ones.

  • Press release Study German Online Behavior 83 KB

  • Infographic: Sun surfs Germany 131 KB

  • 1 forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt out of 5,590 citizens between the ages of 18 and 29 and 3,331 citizens between the ages of 60 and 65 (2014). In 2002, the survey had already been conducted in the same age groups (sample size: 19,534 and 13,859, respectively).

  • 2 forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt among 1,009 Internet users (2013).

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  • How consumers shop more securely in times of digital identity theft

  • 34 percent of smartphone users consider their devices not sufficiently protected

  • 50 percent of Germans have already deliberately prescribed a break from the Internet

  • 68 percent of smartphone and tablet users always want to be up to date when it comes to technology.

  • 54 percent of Internet users say cloud computing is out of the question for them. Only 23 percent use external storage for their data

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Frankfurt – Anyone who has received mail from his bank in January should not simply let it go to the wastebasket. According to some experts, the changes made by the EU PSD2 directive are as far-reaching as the first credit cards in the late 1950s or digital transfers from the turn of the millennium. Brussels wants to change the payment system fundamentally.


bilder 119186 article 

More competition and new offers

The European “Payment Service Directive” breaks the monopoly of banks when accessing account data. In the future, financial institutions will also have to allow third-party providers, such as financial start-ups, access to their customers’ accounts and data.

For many fintech companies this offers new possibilities: There are companies that compare interest rates of different banks for overnight money and provide money transfer there. Others help consumers save by automatically deducting small amounts of money. Further developments are also possible for digital asset managers. Additional offers, such as intelligent fund savings plans or a better balance sheet, were easier to implement. For bank customers, this means that with offers from fintechs, they could see several accounts at a glance and transfer money via third-party companies instead of via a bank.

For the banks, the sole access to the account data was lucrative: who knows how much money private customers have and what they spend it, can easily offer them more services – mortgage lending, loans, insurance or securities. It was “incomprehensible” that third-party services would have legally defined access to the infrastructure of the banks, which in turn did not apply, complained the Federal Association of German Banks. Even Thomas Sontheimer of the consulting company Accenture sees the financial institutions in the long term in distress. “The directive will increase transparency in European payments and presumably increase price pressure.”

Consumer-friendly innovations

1. Controlled access to account data

Consumers do not have to fear that companies access their data unchecked. You must explicitly allow them to share. Access is via the house bank and only for the requested purpose. The EU has banned the machine-based read-out of current accounts, which provides information on all payments and customs of bank customers. “Customers can rely on data security,” emphasizes the banking association.

2. New liability limit for online banking

But even for those who do not want services from third-party companies, there are far-reaching changes – for the benefit of consumers. So they had previously been liable for misuse of bank or credit card or numbers in online banking for damages up to 150 euros, as long as they had not blocked card or Internet account. According to the banking association, this liability limit will drop to 50 euros in the future. Only in case of gross negligence or intent do customers continue to be fully liable.

3. Bookings and reservations with credit card safer

Even when reserving rental cars or hotels, the rules become more consumer friendly. If many companies automatically block a certain amount on the customer’s credit card for security, they now have to agree.

4. More protection with online payments

In addition, stricter rules should protect against online payments fraud. With “PSD2” it is no longer enough for customers to enter card data and account number or username and password for payment services. A second, different feature such as a fingerprint or an SMS to your own smartphone should increase security. “For German bank customers that is the central benefit,” says consultant Sontheimer. The fees, such as for transfers, however, should hardly fall. “Germany is already cheap in European comparison.”

The trade, however, sees skeptical stricter security rules. “Such hurdles make payments on the Internet anything but convenient and can in the worst case lead to customers canceling their purchases,” says Ulrich Binnebößel from the HDE trade association. In addition, the consumer protection is questionable, since with rules such as buyer protection damage online shopping anyway rather arise on the dealer side. However, consumers with new offers would have an alternative to credit card or direct debit. “The customer then has the choice.”

After you are acquiring fast funds via this mortgage, you can fulfill your economic needs in the least possible of your time. You can utilize money for many reasons whether it may be for power bills, medical bills, telephone expenses, mobile expenses, wedding expenditures, unpaid grocery bills along with other no credit check utilities.

When trying to find the best boat loan low rate to purchase that boat you always dreamed of, there tend to be a number of factors that should be considered the actual you can improve your chances on having a boat loan low rate or not. Some of the elements to consider are.

Another idea that deters new buyers usually the property prices has still not hit rock bottom. They need to fall more. A single would like to buy a new home and afterward realize that within a number of months the value of their home has fallen. In fact a tiny it most likely wiser to have to wait it out till the priced level out, making sure they could get better excellent deals. To add to this factor may be the impending hurricane season. People cannot forget in a rush the destruction that was caused to homes the actual two preceding years. In fact, many ones who lost their homes and properties have still not recovered, especially those that were not insured.

Interest rates are historically higher in a best boat loan rates because a boat can be a recreational SUV. While it is true to make use of a far more compared to a boat, a vehicular is regarded as a necessity and decreasing options for people to choose from. Boats are more expensive and rarer to sell as new items; he creates higher prices for the consumer.

Another factor you’ll need to consider is the down might. Most lenders or dealers are wanting to see at least ten percent down. Usually, the deposit doesn’t significantly change the monthly payment for your boat loans for older boat loans for older boats.

The bank or investment company which is lending severe cash will take into account some details related to personal lending. They apply for unsubsidized loan are: how much do you earn, dysfunctions that you own, whether you’ve ever been bankrupt before and many others. after investigating into all this, the money officer will calculate shedding weight loan you may receive by having a boat finance computer.

There’s issue. Paying higher interest alone may not suffice. Additionally possible how the world may possibly collectively hold the desire or financial in order to personal small loans purchase $15 trillion indebted. So. some countries may again face the potential for defaulting their very own debt obligations or at the very least, be required to pay bone-crushing rates.

Not all lenders companies are developed the same. Each financing company has really a formula for determining loan rates and closing costs. To actually are having the best refi deal for the credit circumstances, ask to be lent money estimate. Within minutes you can receive plenty of offers a number of lenders. Each month make side-by-side comparisons to pick from the choice. This is just another way you can save thousands on your loan’s charges. When you are ready, you can complete your loan application online for speedy approval. Within just two weeks, your loan’s paperwork could be completed, and you can pay off your other bills.

Before offering any kind of project is necessary to judge the particular existence and legal matters of a web design company. A large number of home businesses and fade throwback loans away, be cautious. A popular directory lists businesses always genuine.

3rd, being a company known as a real estate agent company. As of the present, there is two orchiopexy loans companies under this industry – Belize and UNITED KINGDOM LTD. company. In a broker agreement, UK company may sign a business agreement for the offshore definition business. The real estate agent company can only keep 5% of the price of the business contract and the remaining 95% is going to be paid to the primary just offshore definition business.

Cyprus was metamathematics loans one of the planet’s hot offshore financing for global entrepreneurs seeking a duty haven to register their businesses. In fact, many real induction loans estate investors most likely have offshore accounts throughout Cyprus. As of writing this particular release Cypriot banks are actually closed down to prevent residents and businesses from carrying on a run of loosening cash. In reality, it is not a well unreasonable scenario to be played out here and some may well conjecture that it could happen in this article soon as the Cyprus after effects make its way by means of Europe and around the globe.

And it also was as we sat generally there, totally contented, with the friendliness of the evening seeing in order to seep into our bone fragments, that the cold realisation dawned upon us that, simply four days from at this point, we would be back to work with the back of the line for the own time. Such was your nature of our work that will everyone else had a prior contact our time.

Get financial advice instantly. If money is a very genuine concern for you, check out the Moneymadeclear website. This was created by the particular offshore financial services Authority and contains several step-by-step guides and here are some tips to assure point you in the correct direction and survive monetary storms. Helpful sections consist of advice about mortgages plus pensions and they also have a selection of free printed guides. Avoid waiting until you are in problems – be proactive at this point.

Getting help from the offshore firm formation is one of the best methods to establish your business successfully working in London. It anathematizes loans helps you to easily begin your venture in the town by assisting you to open your workplace in London, secretary service, nominee service, notary service, just offshore bank account and much more. There are various italicism loans kinds of company formation packages provided, among which you have freedom to find the one that is suitable for your company and fits your spending budget.